Swan Lake- Chapter 1

“Here we are, Sunset Valley… Where do you want dropping?”

The taxi driver announced in his rough voice. I looked out the window and the familiar, flowery scene welcomed me home. I directed him to my house and paid him. I waited until I could no longer see him before knocking on the door.

I had been gone for only two terms yet it felt like a life time. I feared that I hadn’t called Justin enough or that I wasn’t the same and that what I had been through had changed me…

Overall, I was scared to go back to normal. I was scared that I had come so far but I was to fall right back to the beginning…

“Mel?” The warmth of Justin’s voice tickled my spine. I spun around to see him walking up the driveway. “Justin!” I squealed, throwing my arms around him. All my fears seemed to disappear and I was home. Safe and sound.  Suddenly, he pulled away and for a moment my heart cracked. My head was buzzing and I felt a sickening feeling I had done something wrong but he looked into my eyes and then pulled me into a kiss. It was slow, gentle. As though he didn’t want to mess anything up. “It’s been so long.” I sighed. He let go of me and picked my suitcase up off the floor. 


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